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Customized Liquid handler

Liquid handler 주문 제작

- Serial Dilution
- ELISA Processing
- Set-up for PCR and Sequencing Reaction
- Purification and Extraction of Nucleic Acid
- Immunostaining and in-situ Hybridization (ISH) 

블리스터 포장기 비전장치

블리스터 포장 공정 외관 불량 검사

- 공 PTP
- 알약 깨짐
- 분말 미충진
- 벌레 등 이물

아래 동영상 갤러리에서 바이오자동화 및 머신비전 시스템 사례를 확인할 수 있습니다.

OEM case
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OEM case
Automated Liquid Handler

블리스터 포장기 비전장치

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Advanced BioVision Inc.

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We, Advanced BioVision Inc. are automation company.
Our vision is to provide the most ideal automated solutions through intensive Research and Development. We will contribute to our customers by innovative medical devices and machine vision solutions.


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